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End of Second Semester

In my life, the most flawless time in study was my second semester in MICET. Im may not the greatest student in that university but I feel that study doesnt burden me too much, unlike pass 4 years back. I use this second chance best possible. This thing happen cause, I can simply conclude that I make a huge preparation at the beginning of the semester.


Not all things that I prepared earlier. what I mean was I pushed my effort to the limit at the beginning of the semester, with some knowledge and experience, together with time, I’m feel that Im improving in study. 

As I improving in this zone, I delivered it some of my knowledge that gain from this improvement to my friends in need. I helps them to understand, and I dont really care what were their perception toward me, as long as I can delivered something to them.


I hope I can do my best for next semester. And I need to remind myself that all the good thing happen to you was gift from a Allah, and he delivered in to you to lead you and others to good things. i hope I have no pride for things that I have right now, and I do things not for pride, just some PREPARATION for me when I fail later in future.


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