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End of Second Semester

In my life, the most flawless time in study was my second semester in MICET. Im may not the greatest student in that university but I feel that study doesnt burden me too much, unlike pass 4 years back. I use this second chance best possible. This thing happen cause, I can simply conclude that I make a huge preparation at the beginning of the semester.


Not all things that I prepared earlier. what I mean was I pushed my effort to the limit at the beginning of the semester, with some knowledge and experience, together with time, I’m feel that Im improving in study. 

As I improving in this zone, I delivered it some of my knowledge that gain from this improvement to my friends in need. I helps them to understand, and I dont really care what were their perception toward me, as long as I can delivered something to them.


I hope I can do my best for next semester. And I need to remind myself that all the good thing happen to you was gift from a Allah, and he delivered in to you to lead you and others to good things. i hope I have no pride for things that I have right now, and I do things not for pride, just some PREPARATION for me when I fail later in future.


Kelebang, Melaka


Im currently studying in Melaka. I quit mass-photography activity and all my package not effective any more. I’m so sorry to abandon my return clients, friends and followers for such long disappearance. I’m so busy for photography and plan to quit from it. So I just post some random photo while I’m in Melaka, or other rest part of the world. For those who give a helpful hand during my learning process in photography, countless thanks to you all.



My “Only Exception”

When I was younger I saw my daddy cry
and curse at the wind.
He broke his own heart and I watched
as he tried to reassemble it.

And my momma swore
that she would never let herself forget.
And that was the day that I promised
I’d never sing of love if it does not exist.

But darling,
You are the only exception.
You are the only exception.
You are the only exception.
You are the only exception.

Maybe I know somewhere
deep in my soul
that love never lasts.
And we’ve got to find other ways
to make it alone.
Or keep a straight face.
And I’ve always lived like this
keeping a comfortable distance.
And up until now I’ve sworn to myself
that I’m content with loneliness.

Because none of it was ever worth the risk.

Well you are the only exception.
You are the only exception.
You are the only exception.
You are the only exception.
You are the only exception.

I’ve got a tight grip on reality,
but I can’t let go of what’s in front of me here.
I know you’re leaving in the morning
when you wake up.
Leave me with some kind of proof it’s not a dream.

You are the only exception.

You are the only exception.

And I’m on my way to believing.
Oh, and I’m on my way to believing.

IMG_9773 copy

IMG_9771 copy


IMG_9781 copy

I remember the phenomena back in 90, and it was Retro

I think, Malaysian in 90’s already out of retro I guess, 90 is year for Rockers. Okey whatever it is, in June, I shoot a “90’s Retro” photoshoot outing theme somewhere in India Street, Kuching Sarawak, organize by Sarawakian Photographer Group, or for short SPG. I got limited time that day and just cover a few cute models 🙂 (I hope my girlfriend not reading this hehe):





and o yaa, the last one is “mine” 😀

Sara & Khalid

Arrive at Kuching from Sarikei at 3 am, I got to go to Serian at 7 am next morning (it a same morning 😀 ). I feel like zombie that day. But hey! thats my job and I like it:






To Sara & Khalid, thanks for foods and pick me as your wedding photographer 🙂 And Congrats! I hope it last forever 🙂

Azri & Zira

Another couple photoshoot for this month 🙂
Azri was my junior from high school 😉 both of them got no probs with the camera, but Zira feels bit nervous 😀 I blogged photo of both o









I got Korean Friend haha 🙂 Called her lollipop 🙂